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Beefy's Own potato chips are made with 100% grass-fed beef tallow. Not only does that make them better for your health, but they taste so much better, too! These chips only have 3 ingredients: potato, beef tallow, and salt.

I hadn't had potato chips in a long time, and was so excited to find these! My husband and I both love them. They are thicker than your average potato chip and are so crispy and delicious. The beef tallow gives them the perfect added layer of flavor, and also makes it so they are much more filling than potato chips made with seed oils.

These chips are quite the treat! As someone that does a mostly animal-based diet, I don't eat these super regularly. But I feel great after eating them and make sure to eat plenty of animal-based protein with them to balance blood sugar. It's great to be able to eat a snack like this knowing its made with real, nourishing ingredients! I'd definitely recommend giving them a try if you tolerate potatoes well.

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