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My name is Rachael, and I'm here to share my recovery journey and encourage others with chronic illness. I am passionate about nervous system regulation, animal-based nutrition, and low-toxic living.


Currently, I live in North Carolina with my husband, Jake. Our home is on a beautiful forested property with several acres of land. We enjoy spending time traveling, rock climbing, and grilling meats.

My Story

Prior to becoming sick, I was an avid rock climber and athlete. In 2016, my health went downhill quickly and at my worst, I was extremely ill & essentially bed-bound. 

Over the course of several years, we went to dozens of doctors searching for answers and help. I was diagnosed with dysautonomia, ehlers-danlos syndrome, chiari malformation, craniocervical instability, tethered cord syndrome, intracranial hypertension, gastroparesis, adrenal insufficiency, chronic lyme disease, etc (the list goes on). We tried many treatments and surgeries—but none brought me lasting improvements. 

These are some of the symptoms I experienced on a regular basis (many of which were severe): fatigue, migraines/headaches, full body muscle pain, joint pain, neck pain, pain/pressure behind my eyes, dystonias, non-epileptic seizures, weakness in my legs, tingling in extremities, nerve pain, ringing in my ears/pulsatile tinnitus, blurred vision, nausea, bloating, constipation, tachycardia, brain fog, dizziness, syncope/pre-syncope, vertigo, chest pain, insomnia.


There's no other way to describe my illness other than it was pretty much a living hell. Most days felt unbearable, but thankfully I had so many reasons to "keep fighting". 

In early 2020, my health was at its worst and I was essentially bed-bound. Sitting up for a brief conversation on the couch could send me into uncontrollable shaking and seizure-like episodes. I could feel that I was on the brink of death.


At that point, I started a lyme disease treatment protocol, which brought me from about 1% functionality to maybe 2%. But I was still very severely ill, and after 1.5 years of treatment I felt like I wasn't making much progress. So I started to look for alternative methods of healing, and that's how I eventually came across the carnivore diet, brain retraining, and prolotherapy—all of which have been life changing for me. 

Other things that have really helped me are: acupuncture, sunlight exposure, grounding, meditation, mindset work, reduced blue light exposure, and working to improve the quality of my sleep. I've become very passionate about natural methods of healing, and am amazed at our bodies innate ability to heal.

In just a year, I have gone from having to spend almost all my waking hours in bed to starting to really live life again. I can cook my own meals, help clean the house, walk miles, go to church, and spend much more time with my family and friends. I truly see my healing as a miracle and a gift.  I'm so grateful for all God has carried me through and for the opportunity to share my story.

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