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Lovebird Cereal is one of the only cereals on the market that isn't full of artificial ingredients, seed oils, and synthetic vitamins. They list their ingredients clearly on the front of their package. They are glyphosate free and refined sugar free. I've tried all the Lovebird cereal flavors and think they taste really good—better than I remember cheerios tasting.

If you're really craving cereal, but want to get a "cleaner" option, Lovebird is the way to go. Keep in mind, they are not cheap. Personally, 99.99% of the time, I'd rather red meat and eggs for breakfast (and believe that's much better for you than this cereal). I don't eat this often for that reason. But its a good "better for you" than other cereals alternative!

Use the promo code RACH for a discount on your Lovebird Foods order.

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