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Red light therapy can be such a great tool for those dealing with chronic illness, chronic pain, infections, etc. This is something I more recently started experimenting with and really love it! I've been using it every night before I go to sleep on the NIR (near infrared) setting.

I did a lot of research on red light therapy devices and decided to go with the Lumebox because of how low in EMF it is, and how powerful their light is. I've been very happy with it so far and would definitely recommend giving it a try!

Here are some ways I use it:

  • On my abdomen (My stomach always starts moving and gurgling when I do this, which is a sign of the nervous system going into "rest and digest" mode. I find it to be supportive of digestion!)

  • On my liver (for liver detox support)

  • On my face (This is so relaxing and I find it helps my brain wind down and prepare for a more restful sleep)

  • On my neck (This helps with muscle aches and tension)

My affiliate link gives $260 off at Lumebox (no promo code needed)!

Keep in mind, a red light is not necessary for healing. That being said, tools like this can be really supportive of healing and many people find them to be really impactful. If it's not something you can afford, please don't be discouraged! I went from bed-bound to thriving before I started using a red light.  The nervous system is the key to the body's innate ability to heal!

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