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Top 8 Grass-fed Beef & Meat Snacks | Best Quality Ingredients & Taste

If you're looking for the best grass-fed beef snacks, you're in the right place! All of these brands are made with 100% grass-fed beef (or pasture-raised meat), and have no artificial ingredients or refined sugars. You can't go wrong with any of these options.

This blog post contains affiliate links. This means if you make a purchase through one of these links, I receive a small commission (at no extra charge to you). Please know I only recommend products I use and love.

Most of the beef jerky & meat sticks found at the grocery store have unnecessary artificial ingredients, seed oils, and refined sugars. Of course, it's always best to make your own beef jerky if you can, but we understand many people want to find high quality snacks that they don't have to prepare themselves. Here are the very best options for beef snacks when it comes to taste, ingredients, sourcing, and price.

Paleovalley's beef sticks are made with 100% grass-fed beef that is sourced from regenerative farms in the USA. They have all natural, organic ingredients and are very reasonably priced in comparison to other brands.

Here are some more details about Paleovalley beef sticks:

  • Currently, there are 5 flavors available (original, garlic summer sausage, jalapeño, summer sausage, and teriyaki). All are excellent, but our favorites are the original & jalapeño.

  • Their beef sticks are naturally fermented, which makes them easier to digest

  • They also have turkey sticks & pork sticks if you'd prefer a different type of meat

  • They are very juicy and flavorful, and in our opinion, taste much better than other brands of beef sticks.

These beef sticks are a family favorite and are our go-to snack for traveling and everyday life. We've got lots of our extended family & friends hooked on them! Paleovalley beef sticks definitely win the prize for the best quality and taste for the best price.

2) Carnivore Snacks: The Best Meat Jerky

Carnivore Snax are meat snacks made with only two ingredients: pasture-raised meats & redmond salt. It doesn't get any cleaner than that ingredients wise. You might think that jerky needs to be flavored to taste good, but that couldn't be further from the truth! Carnivore Snax are delicious, filling, and nutrient-dense. They're kind of like a "meat pastry"!

Because they aren't cheap, I typically buy them for special occasions like travel. Keep in mind, each bag has 1-1.5 pounds of meat in it—meat loses a lot of its weight when dehydrated. I find one bag can replace at least 2 meals for me (coming from someone on a mostly carnivore diet).

Here are some more details about Carnivore Snax:

  • Currently, they have over a dozen different meat cuts to choose from. My favorites are the brisket, ribeye, skirt steak, and lamb shoulder.

  • Their meats are all sourced from regenerative farms in the USA

  • They have beef, pork, chicken, lamb, and bison

  • They have jerky style cuts & then "sliders" which are round shaped meat snacks. I much prefer the jerky style options to the sliders.

  • Carnivore Snax offer a membership called "The Hunt" that offers special cuts of meat like grass-fed waygu and a reward program.

We absolutely love Carnivore Snax and highly recommend them. They are hands down my favorite meat snack, though they are expensive. But for the quality of the product and sourcing, they are fairly priced. Most people are shocked by the price of a bag in comparison to buying a meat stick, but the cost per calorie actually isn't much more. You can't go wrong with any of their products.

Northstar Bison is a regenerative farm located in Wisconsin. They are an incredible company and we actually source a lot of our pasture-raised meats from them. Earlier this year, I realized they had bison snack sticks, and had to give them a try! They are absolutely delicious and I'd definitely recommend them.

Here are some more details about Northstar Bison sticks:

  • Currently, they have 3 flavors: garlic, BBQ, and jalapeño cheddar (my favorite is the garlic)

  • They are not shelf stable, so have to be keep in the fridge / freezer. Once you put them in the fridge, they will last about a week.

  • The garlic & jalapeño flavors are sugar free, but the BBQ does have a small amount of cane sugar.

In comparison to grass-fed beef sticks found at the grocery store, Northstar Bison sticks are actually about the same price per ounce. They are a great option for a clean, high-protein snack!

4) Chomps: Beef & Meat Sticks

Chomps are a really good option for an easy and convenient meat snack! They are made with 100% grass-fed beef. Whenever we run out of Paleovalley beef sticks, we grab some chomps to hold us over. We prefer Paleovalley, but still love chomps! They can often be found at Costco and other mainstream grocery stores.

Here are some more details about chomps:

  • Currently, there are 9 different flavors (including beef, turkey & venison)

  • They have zero sugar & make for great high protein snacks

New Primal meat sticks are very tasty and have clean ingredients (no sugar or artificial ingredients)! They are made with 100% grass-fed beef or pasture-raised poultry.

Here are some more details about the New Primal meat sticks:

  • They currently have 5 flavors: classic beef sticks, spicy beef sticks, cilantro lime turkey sticks, peppered turkey sticks, and buffalo chick sticks

  • They can be found in some grocery stores in the USA

The Carnivore Bar is essentially a "pemmican" bar, which is a Native American survival food. It is made with grass-fed beef, beef tallow, and salt. They are much higher in fat than most other beef snacks, which many on a keto/carnivore diet are looking for.

Here are some more details about Carnivore Bars:

  • Currently, they have 5 flavors: unsalted, salted, raw honey, zesty garlic, and BBQ.

  • Each bar has 400 calories, and can be used as a nutrient dense meal replacement

  • The bars are very lightweight and compact and make for great backpacking and travel food (I've used these on several hiking/backpacking trips)

Carnivore Bars can be an "acquired taste" for some people. I love them, but my husband isn't a big fan. My favorite flavor is the zesty garlic, it's delicious! The raw honey option is great too, it has a very nice hint of sweetness. I'd definitely recommend giving them a try!

Epic Provisions is a great brand that has all sort of meat snacks! They have some unique options like salmon, bison, venison, beef liver, etc. All have quality ingredients & sourcing. They can be found in most grocery stores, and are definitely expensive! For the cost, I'd definitely prefer to have Paleovalley beef sticks or Carnivore Snax. But if you're traveling or in a bind, Epic is an excellent option for a high quality snack.

Nicks Sticks makes chicken, turkey, and beef sticks that are made with pasture-raised meats. Their ingredients are clean & I really like that they use redmond salt. I've tried them, and would say they taste very similar to chomps. You can find them on their website, on amazon, and in some health food stores in the USA.

Here are some more details about Nicks Sticks:

  • Currently, there are 6 flavors (including beef, turkey, and chicken)

  • They have no sugar & no artificial ingredients

Hopefully you found this article informative! If you try any of these meat sticks or have some suggestions of your own to add, leave me a comment down below. I’d love to hear from you!

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