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Say hello to your new favorite carnivore or keto diet snack. Scroll down to find my full review of Power Pucks.

Power Fit Foods has generously offered my community 10% off your order using my affiliate discount code "RACH". Keep scrolling for an honest review of their products.


Power Pucks has a great selection of high-fat snacks and meal replacements for those doing the carnivore diet or keto diet. I've tried many of their products, and my favorite are their electrolyte "super chews"—the flavor and texture of these are so nice. I'd also recommend the "pocket power pucks" as they are smaller than the big pucks and easier to manage in my opinion.

As for the ingredients, they are very simple and high quality. They essentially use beef tallow, pork rinds, and Equip protein powder (beef isolate). For those that are strict carnivore, they have unflavored options. I expected to like those more than I did. Honestly I wouldn't recommend the plain pucks, but some people may have a taste for that sort of thing! The flavored pucks were pretty good. Honestly, there are other snacks I like better, but I enjoy them and really appreciate how clean the ingredients are. I also like how affordable they are in comparison to some other brands. My favorite flavor was the chocolate, but the vanilla is really tasty too!


Power Pucks are definitely worth a try, especially if you travel or hike a lot and are looking for high calorie, light weight (and nourishing) meal replacements.

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