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My name is Rachael, and I'm here to share my healing journey and encourage others with chronic illness. You are not alone!

From bed-bound to walking miles

During my chronic illness journey, I was diagnosed with dysautonomia, ehlers-danlos syndrome, chiari malformation, intracranial hypertension, craniocervical instability, etc. 

At my worst, I was bed-bound and barely surviving. For years, I went the "traditional medicine" route and tried all sorts of treatments, medications, and surgeries (including major brain and neurosurgeries). My doctors said I was one of the worst cases they had seen. But unfortunately, none of those treatments significantly improved my quality of life.

It wasn't until I started pursuing "alternative" methods of healing that I really started to make progress. The carnivore diet and brain retraining have been completely life changing for me, and I can't be more grateful. Our bodies were designed to heal given the right conditions.

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