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Carnivore Diet Homemade Beef Jerky

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Here's how to make the best sugar free beef jerky! This recipe is carnivore diet, lion diet, and keto diet approved (but can be enjoyed by all).

When I first started the carnivore diet, I searched for a beef jerky recipe that didn't have spices/marinades and didn't find one! So I experimented for myself and discovered that jerky still tastes great with just beef and salt.

Beef jerky makes for the perfect snack to bring with you on the go!

Carnivore Diet Homemade Beef Jerky

Ingredients & Supplies

*Beef stir fry strips: Often grocery stores will sell beef "stir fry strips", which is beef that is already cut to the perfect size for making jerky. This makes the whole process so much easier! If you would like to cut them yourself, cuts of beef that work really well for jerky are bottom round, top round, london broil, and sirloin.

*Important tip: Most butchers are willing to cut roasts for you into jerky sized strips. Ask them nicely and let them know you want the strips very thin (thick slices don't work well for jerky). They'll know what to do. They typically don't charge extra for this. Having the beef pre-cut makes will make this recipe much quicker and more enjoyable!


  1. Take beef strips out of the fridge, salt them generously, then let them sit for 20-30 minutes to bring them to room temperature.

  2. While you let them sit, take the strips and arrange them in your dehydrator very close together but not overlapping. This step is kind of like a puzzle, but very easy. At this point I typically add

  3. Set dehydrator to 165 degrees for 2 hours. At about 1.5 hours, start checking on the jerky every 20-30 minutes to see if it's cooked how you would like it. Some people prefer it more soft (like me) and others prefer it very dry.

  4. Cook times vary depending on the thickness of the strips of beef and personal preference. I typically let mine cook for around 2-2.5 hours. But some go 4 hours or longer. Experiment with it and you'll find what you like the best!

  5. Store in the fridge (lasts for about a week) or the freezer indefinitely.

*Personally, I love my corosi dehydrator because its so easy to use, clean, and store. You can put all the trays straight into the dishwasher! It's also very easy to take the lid off and taste-test the jerky at any point during the cooking process. If you're anything like me though, you'll eat half of the batch before its even done, haha!

The final product!

Histamine Intolerance Tips

For those of you with histamine intolerance, you may want to cook your jerky for a shorter amount of time. The longer you cook it, the higher in histamine the meat will be. So make sure your beef strips are very thin so they'll dehydrate quickly!

To minimize histamine build-up, store your jerky in the freezer. Frozen jerky still tastes good, I promise!

Another thing to consider is getting un-aged beef. This can make a huge difference from store-bought meats that are typically aged for around 30 days. I use unaged beef from White Oak Pastures (use "RIBEYERACH" for 15% off), Northstar Bison, or BillyDoe Meats and that makes a big difference in my reactions.

Don't give up on healing your histamine intolerance, but of course be very careful if your reactions are severe. Things like meditation, eating outside, and reducing stress/anxiety can greatly reduce reactions (as our bodies produce histamines, too).

Hope you love your jerky! Let me know how it goes in the comments below.

Some of the links in this blog post may be affiliate links! This basically means that if you purchase something through the link, I might receive a small commission (at no extra charge to you). Thank you so much for supporting my blog! ❤️️

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