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Carnivore Diet Brown Butter Bites Recipe (Aka "Carnivore Candy")

Here's how to make carnivore diet brown butter—this will quickly become your new favorite treat! This recipe is also great for those on an animal-based diet, keto diet, or low carb diet (but can be enjoyed by anyone).

For many people transitioning to a carnivore diet, sugar cravings can be very intense. Thankfully, they don't last forever, but these brown butter bites are the perfect treat to satisfy that cravings without the adding extra carbs.

Believe it or not, brown butter actually has a sweet, nutty, or "caramel-like" flavor. This is due to something called the Maillard reaction, which breaks down the butter and creates a unique taste. The milk solids turn brown, and that's why its called "brown butter".

While this recipe is specified as "carnivore", this is just how brown butter is made. It can be enjoyed by anyone!

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How should I eat the browned butter?

Honestly, the brown butter tastes really good plain (straight from the fridge or freezer). Personally, I don't like eating regular butter plain like some carnivore do. But brown butter is a different story. It doesn't taste like regular butter at all. It's sweet and nutty with a hint of "caramel". If you're looking to add more fat into your diet or have sugar cravings, this will make the perfect snack for you.

Brown butter also tastes amazing on other meats, especially steak. I've made it for family gatherings and everyone enjoys it!

Why unsalted butter?

I've made brown butter with salted butter before and the salt was way too overpowering even though I'm usually a salty girl. I prefer this recipe with unsalted butter, and I add just a little bit of redmond salt to it (use code ribeyerach for a discount). I like being able to control the amount and kind of salt in my dishes! You may want to experiment to see what you like the best.

Can I add anything else to it?

Yes, of course! I know Neisha Berry recommended adding bacon bits in one of her videos. I haven't tried this, but it sounds delicious. Another option is adding crispy brisket beef chips smashed into tiny bits. I'll have to experiment with that and report back!

If you're doing more of an animal-based diet, you could add some raw honey.

Do you need to use silicon molds?

Nope! You can just add your brown butter to a glass container if you'd like. I prefer using silicon molds so that I can eat/serve the brown butter bites easily.

Here's a link to the heart shaped molds we use! You can find all sorts of cute shapes for different seasons and holidays on amazon (reasonably priced).

If you try this recipe, let me know what you think in the comments down below! Thank you so much for visiting my blog. Be sure to follow along on Instagram and YouTube for more recipes and fun content!

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