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Carnivore Diet Pressured Cooked Brisket

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

The quickest, simplest, and easiest way to make beef brisket. This recipe is carnivore diet, lion diet, and keto diet approved (though it can be enjoyed by anyone). It is also low-histamine, which is explained in further detail down below.

Before we start, let me first admit that I personally like the taste of smoked brisket and oven-baked brisket better than pressure cooked. But if you're looking for something quick and delicious, this recipe hits the spot! It's also a great alternative for those dealing with histamine intolerance (as the longer you cook something, the higher in histamines in becomes).

I'm on a mission to prove that you don't need sugar, spices, or barbecue sauce to make meat taste great. It's difficult to find recipes that don't include additives, so that's why I created this blog to share carnivore-friendly recipes.

Pressure Cooked Brisket



  1. Put brisket in pressure cooker (both fresh and frozen works well)

  2. Salt generously

  3. Add 1/2 cup of water

  4. Set instapot on manual for 90-120 minutes. If you prefer your brisket sliced, cook on the shorter end, and for pulled brisket, cooked on the longer end.

  5. Let it naturally release for 15-20 minutes.

  6. Slice up, then broil on high in the oven for 2 minutes (you can also broil before slicing if you'd prefer). This adds a perfect crispiness to the edges and the fat cap.

  7. Serve & enjoy!

This photo shows what the brisket looks like after coming out of the pressure cooker. After broiling it will get a beautiful golden crisp. I like to use the instapot for pressure cooking, as I find it very easy to use and clean.

Histamine Intolerance Tips

The longer you cook meat for, the higher in histamines it becomes. That's why the pressure cooker is a great tool to use for those with histamine intolerance. It makes it possible to cook tough cuts like brisket in a much shorter amount of time than if you cooked it in the oven or slow-cooker.

Another thing to consider is getting un-aged beef. This can make a huge difference from store-bought meats that are typically aged for around 30 days. I use unaged beef from White Oak Pastures (use "RIBEYERACH" for 15% off), Northstar Bison, or BillyDoe Meats and that makes a big difference in my reactions.

Don't give up on healing your histamine intolerance, but of course be very careful if your reactions are severe. I know it's so difficult to control anxiety and fear over reactions, but it really does make our reactions worse. Things like meditation, eating outside, and reducing stress/anxiety can greatly reduce reactions (as our bodies produce histamines, too).

Hope you love your brisket! Let me know how it goes in the comments below.

Some of the links in this blog post may be affiliate links! This basically means that if you purchase something through the link, I might receive a small commission (at no extra charge to you). Thank you so much for supporting my blog! ❤️️

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three questions: 1) how did you cut frozen brisket when you receive them from the farmer? 2) Did you have ground beef from one of those low-histamine meat sources in your meals when you were on a low histamine diet? where you taking DAO enzyme before your meals during this period (low histamine diet)?


Thanks for sharing the recipe. I was wondering 90-120 min cooking time will be ok still ok if I want to have it also as a low histamine meal. Appreciate it if you confirm 0.5 cup of water is correct. I have a 6 quart pressure cooker, and have used always two cups


Richard Brown
Richard Brown
Mar 02, 2022

I recently commented on your YouTube channel that I would like more info about how you cook things. Today I discovered your website and see that you have recipes spelled out in some detail here. Thank you. You answered my request before I even made it. :)

I have a meat smoker that has been in storage a while. Time to get it out and try some smoked brisket. I may even try pressure cooked brisket. I've used the pressure cooker on lots of other meats, but never brisket.


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