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The Best Chronic Illness Healing & Recovery Accounts to Follow | Instagram, Podcasts, & FB Groups

For those that are looking to heal from chronic illness, it can be so helpful to listen to recovery stories and find a supportive community of people that believe healing is possible and are working towards it.

Yesterday I shared an instagram post explaining why it was important for me to leave online chronic illness support groups. Find that here. Just because most illness support groups don't provide an environment that's conducive to healing doesn't mean you can't be supported in your recovery journey.

There is an incredible online healing community, that I've found very helpful as I've been recovering from chronic illness myself. For reference, some of the conditions I personally have been healing from are: ehlers-danlos syndrome, dysautonomia, intracranial hypertension, chiari malformation, cervical instability, chronic lyme disease, celiac, and gastroparesis.

For years, doctors told me my illnesses were "lifelong" and "incurable"—but they were wrong. Just because a doctor doesn't have the tools to help someone heal doesn't mean it isn't possible. Learn more about my story from this post or my YouTube Channel.

Watching others heal can help you heal, if you let it. Seeing other people recover can help you believe its possible for you, too. If you can't fully believe healing is possible for you, start with a curiosity (ex. What if I could heal?). That curiosity will signal safety to your brain and help your nervous system shift into a parasympathetic state where healing can begin to take place. Eventually, you'll start believing you can recover—which is so important. The cells listen.

I've compiled a list of encouraging instagram accounts, podcasts, facebook groups, and blogs that are all healing focused. Almost all of these people once suffered from severe chronic illness themselves, and are now sharing their healing story to help others.

They all took different paths towards healing, but have one significant thing in common: they addressed their dysfunctional nervous system and rewired their brain to allow their body to start healing itself.

My favorite healing focused instagram accounts:

My favorite healing podcasts:

Healing-focused facebook groups:

Healing-focused blogs:

I hope you find these accounts and resources helpful! Please leave a comment down below if you have more suggestions, as I'm sure there are many I missed.

Keep believing healing is possible, my friends.

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