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The BEST Electrolytes Without Refined Sugar or Artificial Ingredients

If you've looked for electrolyte mixes with clean ingredients, you'll know they're really difficult to find.This blog post shares all the best sources for electrolyte drinks that have no artificial ingredients and no refined sugars.

This blog post contains affiliate links. This means if you make a purchase through one of these links, I may receive a small commission (at no extra charge to you). Please know I only recommend products I use and love.

These brands of electrolytes are great for those following a paleo diet, keto diet, carnivore diet, gluten free diet, and more. They are also excellent for those with dysautonomia, pots, or other health conditions that require extra salt and hydration. Each of these brands have zero carbs and no artificial sweeteners.

My top favorite electrolyte drink mix is Redmond Relyte. I've been using relyte for years and love it. The ingredients are simple and very clean. Personally, I use the unflavored kind, but they have a lot of great flavored options that are sweetened with stevia.

These electrolytes have been very helpful with my chronic illness and dysautonomia symptoms. Something unique about them is that they have a lot more sodium than most brands of electrolytes do.

We recently tried the Paleovalley electrolytes for the first time and have really enjoyed them. They have 3 great flavor options, including: watermelon, orange, and lemon lime. The ingredients are all very clean, and they are sweetened with organic monkfruit.

Paleovalley essential electrolytes are an excellent option for those that find the redmond electrolytes too salty (like my husband). They have 400mg of salt in them per serving versus the 1000mg in redmond electrolytes. This is still about twice the amount of sodium in conventional electrolyte drinks such as propel. For most people, this should be plenty of sodium!


I had to add LMNT electrolytes to this blog post because their ingredients are so clean! Like redmond relyte, they also have 1000mg of sodium per serving. Which is very high in comparison to most electrolytes! They have an unflavored option as well as several sweet and savory flavors. The flavored varieties are all sweetened with stevia.

Hopefully you found this article informative! If you try any of these electrolyte drink mixes or have some suggestions of your own to add, leave me a comment down below. I’d love to hear from you!

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