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The Carnivore Bar Full Review | The Perfect High-Fat Carnivore Diet Snack

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

The Carnivore Bar is one of the very few snacks out there that actually fits in with a strict carnivore diet. Most "meat snacks" you'll find at the store—such as beef jerky—have seasonings, sugar, and seed oils (yikes)! The only ingredients found in carnivore bars are: grass-finished beef, grass-finished beef tallow, and salt. Even if you aren't doing the carnivore diet, you likely can appreciate such a clean ingredient list!

Personally, I think Carnivore Bars are the most convenient and easy carnivore "meal replacement" when on the go. They're high in fat, extremely nutrient dense, tasty, and very compact for traveling with. Here's a full breakdown of everything you need to know about Carnivore Bars if you're considering giving them a try!

Flavor Options

The Carnivore Bar "flavor" options are very simple. They have unsalted bars, salted bars, and raw honey & salted bars. They always use Redmond's Real Salt—which in my opinion is the best very best salt!

Typically I get the salted bars, and find that they have the perfect amount of salt in them to enhance the flavor without being overbearing. I have tried the raw honey bars, and wow, were they a treat.

I've never tried the unsalted bars, as I love all my food salted. But some people prefer meat unsalted, and if that's you, I'm sure you'll love the unsalted carnivore bars! Others might buy the unsalted bars so that they can add exactly how much salt they'd like to them.

Taste & Texture

The Carnivore Bars have an excellent beefy flavor. It's difficult to go wrong with beef and salt. The beef tallow (which is rendered beef fat) itself doesn't have much flavor at all. The high fat content makes for a mild, but delicious taste.

Their raw honey bars have the perfect hint of sweetness. It's light, but it's definitely noticeable. They are quite the treat for carnivores that typically don't eat anything sweet.

Personally, my favorite way to eat Carnivore Bars is straight out of the fridge! The coldness adds a bit more of a "crunch" to them. Keep in mind that if you leave them exposed to heat, they will get melty and soft—but they're completely fine to eat that way (it just can get a bit messy in warm weather).

The texture of Carnivore Bars can be compared to a granola bar (but made of meat). The tallow is soft, but the beef has some crunch to it! The texture might be different than what you're used to eating (it's much different than beef jerky). It was unlike anything I had tried before. I love & crave them!

Nutrition Info

Each Carnivore Bar has about 400 calories in it—which for the small size of the bar, is very impressive. They have a high fat-to-protein ratio of 80:20 (by calorie) with 37g of fat and 17g of protein per bar. Their raw honey bars have only 6g of carbohydrates in them, and of course, their salted/unsalted bars have 0g of carbs.

Carnivore Bars are essentially a form of "pemmican bars", which are an ancient Native American survival food. They are shelf stable for years and make for great nutrient-dense food storage in case of emergencies.

They are a perfect healthy meal replacement for those on the carnivore diet, keto diet, and other animal-based diets.


When it comes to sourcing, The Carnivore Bar doesn't cut corners. They source their beef from a regenerative farm in North Carolina called Joyce Farms. It is 100% grass-finished beef, and according to their website:

"Joyce Farms uses a heritage line of Aberdeen Angus Beef that has an unparalleled flavor; the abundance of marbling and its buttery texture is proof that their methods of sustainable farming is worth the extra effort. They raise their beef without any added hormones, antibiotics, and artificial by-products. We’re so glad to be in partnership with a group of people who are active in providing ethically sourced, delicious meat."


Carnivore Bars definitely aren't cheap, but the price is very fair considering their high quality sourcing and ingredients. Their main offering is a box with 12 bars included. They also have a sample pack with one of each flavor (salted, unsalted, and raw honey).

The best way to save money on Carnivore Bars is through their subscription service, which gives you 15% off. You can actually stack my 10% off discount code ("RIBEYERACH") with the subscription, which turns out to be about 25% off.

Are they worth the price?

If Carnivore Bars are within your budget and you're looking for a tasty snack on-the-go, then absolutely, yes! One of the best things about Carnivore Bars is how compact and light they are—making it very easy to bring them along with you anywhere. When doing the carnivore diet, you never want to end up somewhere hungry and these bars are a great way to avoid those situations!

Of course, its best to cook your own food, but sometimes its just nice to have something nutritious you can eat without any preparation. They are excellent for traveling, hiking, shopping, and any circumstance where you don't have easy access to food. If you try Carnivore Bars, let me know how you like them in the comments down below.

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