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Carnivore Chicken Nuggets (Fried In Beef Tallow)

Here's how to make the best carnivore diet chicken nuggets! This recipe is also great for those on the keto diet, paleo diet, low-carb diet, or any animal-based diet, etc (though it can be enjoyed by anyone). This blog post contains affiliate links.

If you're craving chicken nuggets while on the carnivore diet, you're in the right place! When I did carnivore, especially in the beginning, I'd sometimes get tired of ground beef and steak. I wanted something different and crispy!

These chicken nuggets tasted way better than I expected. In fact, I like them better than most chicken nuggets I had before changing my diet. They're really fun to make, and will satisfy your crispy/crunchy cravings!

Here's a photo of what it looks like when I'm frying the nuggets in the tallow! If you want, you can add more tallow and completely submerge the nuggets in it so there's no need to flip them. Personally I prefer flipping them halfway through frying so I don't have to use as much tallow.

These nuggets do reheat well if you don't finish them all—which is unlikely, let's be honest. I'd recommend reheating in an air fryer.

Carnivore Diet Chicken Nuggets
The best carnivore chicken nuggets!!! Such a treat!

If you try this recipe, let me know what you think in the comments down below! Thank you so much for visiting my blog. Be sure to follow along on Instagram and YouTube for more recipes and fun content!

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