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EyeJust Blue Light Blocking Screen Protector Review (After 5 Months of Use)

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Reducing blue light exposure has significant health benefits. Eyejust came out with screen protectors for phones and laptops that block blue light.

Are they worth the price? Do they change the coloring on your phone screen? How are they different than blue light blocking software? This article will cover everything you need to know about EyeJust screen protectors.

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Disclaimer: I am an affiliate with Eyejust, so I may receive a small commission if you purchase through one of my links. That being said, I'm sharing my honest experience with using their blue light screen protectors (the pros/cons, etc).

How does blue light exposure affect our health?

The average person spends about 7 hours looking at a screen every single day—that's a lot of blue light exposure. This is greatly affecting our overall health.

Here are some of the potential consequences of excessive exposure to blue light:

  • Suppression of melatonin production (poor sleep)

  • Insomnia/anxiety

  • Brain fog and fatigue

  • Premature aging of skin

  • Interruption of the body's circadian rhythm

Our bodies aren't meant to be exposed to so much blue light, but it's often difficult to cut down on screen time (given may jobs and schools require technology use). Blue light blocking glasses are a great tool, but realistically, it's difficult to remember to wear them as often as you may need the protection. That's why I was so excited to try out EyeJust's screen protectors.

My experience with an EyeJust screen protector

Personally I have had a great experience with my Eyejust blue light screen proctectors (on both my iPhone and laptop) and I'd highly recommend them. For me the most significant benefit of using them has been an improvement in my sleep. After I started using them, I noticed it was easier for me to fall asleep and I didn't wake up as many times during the night.

Does EyeJust affect the colors on your screen?

One of the things I was most concerned about with EyeJust was if it would change the coloring of my screens. It doesn't at all! This is because it targets the highest frequency of blue light on the spectrum as opposed to blue light blocking software on a phone.

How much blue light does EyeJust block?

EyeJust was tested by ophthalmologists and proven to block up to 50% of HEV blue light. This is actually higher than the average amount blocked with blue light glasses.

Should I still wear blue light glasses?

You can if you want a little bit of extra protection, but it's not necessary.

In my opinion, the best part about having the screen protectors on my phone and laptop has been the convenience of not having to remember to wear my blue light glasses when using my personal devices. It's so nice to have the protection 24/7 without having to even think about it.

Personally, I still wear blue light glasses when looking at other screens (such as the TV, computer monitors, etc), especially if its in the evening time. I actually often wear EyeJust's blue light glasses and I love them. They are much sturdier and higher quality than the ones I was using from Amazon (you get what you pay for, I guess).

How is it different from blue light blocking software?

When you use a blue light blocking software or "night mode" on your phone, it changes the look and coloring on your screen. EyeJust screen protectors don't change the coloring and provide more blue light protection than phone softwares do.

Combining the software and the blue light screen protectors will increase the amount of protection you're getting. I'd recommend doing this at night time!

Any there any "cons" for EyeJust?

There aren't any significant cons of using EyeJust, other than that they only offer phone screen protectors for iPhones (sorry, android users)! Another potential con of EyeJust is that they are more expensive than regular glass screen protectors. But in my opinion, the benefits are well worth the cost.

Is the price worth it?

At the time of writing this article, the price of a screen protector for an iPhone is $40-45, and if you use my EyeJust discount code "RIBEYERACH" you'll receive an extra 20% off, taking the price to about $32. They also offer iPad and laptop blue light screen protectors for about the same price.

If its something you can afford, I'd say the benefits of the blue light protection are 100% worth it. Of course, if you'd prefer to just stick with blue light blocking glasses, there's nothing wrong with that! Regardless of how you minimize your blue light exposure, you're likely to see significant health benefits from your efforts.

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If you try these screen protectors, let me know your thoughts in the comments! I have also recently tried one of EyeJust's competitors products (Ocushield), and will do a review and comparison on their products soon. But just so you know, you can't go wrong with either brand, as their products are quite similar in my experience.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog!

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