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How to Find Corn & Soy Free Pork | The Best Sources For Pasture-Raised Pork

Did you know that almost all pork in the USA is fed large amounts of corn and soy, including pasture-raised pork? People often react to it because of this but may not understand why.

Non ruminant animals such as pigs have mono-gastric digestive systems, meaning they have a single-compartmented stomach. Because of this, they do not have the capability to eliminate excess polyunsaturated fats (PUFAS) like cows and other ruminants can. So when they are fed an ancestrally inappropriate diet, these PUFAS accumulate in their fat, passing that on to the human eating it. This is why many people, especially those that are sensitive or chronically ill, feel better eating pork that is corn and soy free.

Because it's so difficult to find sources for corn and soy free pork, I've compiled a list of farms I've found that offer it. These farms are all located in the USA (and ship their products). Hopefully this list will help you in your search!

Important Note: It's always best to support local farms where possible. Personally, I've contacted all my local farms to see if they offer corn and soy free pork (or chicken), and none of them do. Reach out to your local farms to ask if they offer it! The more we inquire about it, the more aware they will become of the growing demand for corn and soy free meats.

Northstar Bison

NorthStar Bison is a regenerative farm located in Wisconsin. They are very committed to raising their animals as nature intended with ancestrally appropriate diets—which is more rare than you might think. Everything I have ordered from NorthStar tastes amazing (and makes me feel great, too).

They offer:

Sometimes they have trouble keeping their corn & soy free pork stock, so they have a soy free option as well. Their soy free pork has corn in the feed, but is very carefully sourced. I've really enjoyed their side pork, pork ground blend (with organs mixed in), and more. I actually have a Northstar pork head in my freezer that I'm very excited to make!

Apsey Farms

Apsey farms is a regenerative farm located in Michigan that's has a great selection of nutrient-dense meats. Their corn and soy free pork is AMAZING, and I'd have to say, their bacon is probably the best I've ever had. They lots of amazing cuts of pork available, including roasts, chops, bacon, jowl bacon, cottage bacon, pork belly, organs, bones, etc.

They offer:

  • Corn & soy free chicken

  • Corn & soy free pork

  • 100% grass-finished beef

Apsey Farms smoked corn & soy free bacon (perfectly crispy)

Heritage Hills

Heritage Hills is a regenerative farm located in Alabama. I personally have had their corn/soy free pork and did really well with it.

They offer:

  • Corn & soy free pork

  • Corn & soy free chicken

  • Corn & soy free turkey (stock limited)

Millers Bio Farm

Millers Bio Farm is an amish farm located in Pennsylvania. All of their meats are pasture-raised, and 100% soy free. While they don't yet offer corn and soy free pork, all their pork is soy free (which is difficult to find, too). They are currently in the process of transitioning to corn and soy free pork, which I look forward to!

They offer:

  • Soy free pork

  • Corn & soy free chicken

  • Corn & soy free turkey

  • Corn & soy free duck eggs

  • Corn & soy free chicken eggs

  • Raw A2/A2 dairy (for pets)

Cost of Corn & Soy Free Pork

Due to how expensive it is to raise corn/soy free pork, the prices will be significantly higher than conventional pork. Personally, I consider it an investment in my health (food is medicine). But it's important to note that if you feel good eating conventional meat, and can't afford pasture raised, then that's great. Health always comes first, and meat from the grocery store is SO much better than processed foods.

But for many, especially those that are seriously ill like I was, it makes a huge difference in healing to source meat that is regeneratively raised. You can always experiment to see if it makes a difference for you!

Some of the links in this blog post are affiliate links! This basically means that if you purchase something through the link, I might receive a small commission (at no extra charge to you). This helps me to continue sharing free content. Thank you so much for supporting my blog! ❤️️

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