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How to Find High Quality Raw Milk & Dairy Sources in the USA

Updated: Jan 27

Properly sourced raw dairy is a true superfood, loaded with bioavailable nutrients—but unfortunately, it can be difficult to find. Depending on what state (within the United States) you live in, the laws regarding the sale of raw dairy products vary greatly.

Some states allow for raw milk sales in grocery stores, while others only on farm premises or through "herd share" programs. The good news is, there's usually a way to find it!

*If you're looking for information on the history of pasteurization and raw milk, this blog post is a great place to start. I'll plan on sharing more information about this in the future!

How to find local raw dairy sources in the USA

  1. Check the “Real Milk Finder” website to see if there are any good local sources of raw milk / dairy. They have an interactive map of the USA that shows local farms and places to buy raw dairy. This likely won't be an exhaustive list of local sources, but is an excellent place to start.

  2. Reach out to the Weston A. Price chapter leader for your area. You can find chapter leaders for all 50 states (and regions) here. Their phone numbers and emailed are listed on there. They will likely be very knowledgable about the best local sources for meat, raw dairy, eggs, etc.

  3. Search for local small farming Facebook groups, and ask for advice on finding raw dairy in your area there.

  4. You may be able to find a farm "co-op" where raw dairy is shipped in from surrounding areas to different pickup locations. For example, in North Carolina there are several co-op pickup locations for an Amish Farm in Pennsylvania. Your Weston A. Price chapter leader should know if this is an option.

  5. Some health grocery stores, such as Sprouts may carry raw dairy products “for pets” even in states where it’s not legal to sell for human consumption. I recently found Raw Farm USA brand raw kefir in Sprouts in North Carolina (where raw dairy is illegal) labeled for pets. Raw Farm USA is rolling out a raw “pet dairy” line all across the country and all their products are “made for human grade” as stated on their website here. If you’d like to see it in your local grocery stores, they suggest that you contact store managers to request their products.

  6. Many farms will offer "herd share" options as a way for you to be able to purchase raw dairy legally (meaning, if you "own" part of the cow, you're able to purchase the milk in many states).

  7. Remember that raw cheese is actually legal in all 50 states, if it has been aged for 60 days or more. Many grocery stores carry it, but I've learned that some brands will essentially heat up the cheese to just below the pasteurization point and still call it "raw". That's why I prefer to source from local or small farms where possible.

  8. Before buying raw dairy from a farm, do your research and make sure their cows (or goats, camels, etc) are healthy and that they’re using proper sanitization practices. If possible, visit the farm and learn their practices first hand!

  9. If you really want to go “all-in” and have the land and budget for it, you could invest in your own milk cow.

Online Raw Dairy Sources

If you can’t find a high quality local raw dairy source, there are a few small, regenerative farms that ship their raw dairy (to the continental USA states). These are the ones I’ve found, some of which are legally required to label their dairy products as “for pets” or “for cats and dogs” in order to be able to ship their products out of state. Personally, for some of these farms, I have chosen to eat their raw dairy products, as I have researched and communicated with them and feel good about their practices.

If having access to high quality raw dairy is something that you care about, be sure to get involved with your local communities and Weston A. Price chapters. We can hope that one

day, raw dairy will be legal and accessible for all! Leave any additional tips for finding raw milk / dairy in the comments down below.

This page contains affiliate links—which means if you purchase something after clicking on a link, I may receive a small commission. This helps me to continue creating free content & resources! Thank you so much for visiting my blog.

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