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Where To Buy Ostrich Meat in the USA & Health Benefits Of Eating Ostrich

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Ostrich meat is very common in places of the world where ostrich is native, such as Australia or Africa. But did you know you can find high quality ostrich meat that's sustainably raised in the USA?

American Ostrich Farms is located in Idaho, where they raise their ostrich on open fields with a nutrient dense diet. According to their website, they "have a profound respect for these amazing animals and treat them accordingly". They don't use any hormones or steroids on their ostrich.

Our family loves the ostrich meat from American Ostrich Farms and would highly recommend their products. We've tried the ground ostrich steak and the top loin roast. It has such a great flavor and is very satiating.

American Ostrich Farms top loin roast
American Ostrich Farms top loin roast

Is ostrich meat actually healthy?

Yes! Ostrich meat is very nutrient dense. It's very lean (97% lean) and it's packed with high-quality, bioavailable protein and iron. Many people find ostrich meat easier to digest than other red meats. For those that are iron deficient, ostrich is a great option.

What does ostrich meat taste like?

Ostrich meat has a very similar flavor to beef filet mignon or bison. It doesn't have a gamey flavor to it. As long as you don't overcook the ostrich meat, it will be very tender, juicy, and delicious! We love the flavor of ostrich meat.

Is ostrich meat sustainable and good for the environment?

Ostrich is considered to be very sustainable to raise, as it requires much less water and land in comparison to beef. American Ostrich Farms uses virtually every part of the animal, making their farm a very low waste operation.

What's the best way to cook ostrich meat?

Because ostrich meat is so lean, it's very important not to overcook it. For most cuts of ostrich meat, rare or medium rare is going to be best. We use a meater thermometer to make sure we don't overcook our ostrich.

Coat your pan with tallow or ghee before adding the ostrich meat so it doesn't stick to the pan (and so it forms a nice crust on your meat). We season the ostrich with redmond garlic pepper. You can also marinate the meat prior to cooking if you'd like, but its not necessary.

Sous vide is another great option for cooking ostrich meat. Get creative with it!

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What products does American Ostrich Farms offer?

American Ostrich Farms has a great selection of ostrich meats, organs, and skincare. They even have pet food and treats! Here are some of the products they offer:

  • Ostrich steak, roasts, & tenderloin

  • Ground ostrich

  • Ostrich soup and marrow bones (great for making bone broth)

  • Ostrich neck and ostrich ribs

  • Ostrich wings

  • Ostrich heart and liver

  • Skincare products & soaps made with ostrich oil

  • Pet treats, bones, and ostrich eggs

You can't go wrong with any of the products from American Ostrich Farms. They are dedicated to raising their ostrich right and providing high quality meat products! We'd highly recommend you give them a try.

Hopefully you found this article informative! If you try ostrich meat, let me know how you like it in comments down below. I’d love to hear from you!

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