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Nourishing, Non-Toxic, & Non-Clutter Holiday Gift Guide

Updated: Jan 31

This blog post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support through your purchases!

We all know how difficult it can be to come up with the "perfect"Christmas gifts for our loved ones. Look no further! This gift guide is full of non-toxic, non-clutter, and nourishing gift ideas that will fit every budget.

Just make sure the person you're buying for will actually use it (read the room, haha). All of these gifts will add to your health in some way or another, which is the best kind of gift to give!

Gifts for $25 & under

1) Tallow Skincare Products

Tallow skincare comes at the top of my list because it's something virtually everyone will love and benefit from. It's an affordable, consumable, and thoughtful gift. Beef tallow is so nourishing for the skin. Once you start using tallow lotion, you won't go back!

Clara & Fritz is my very favorite brand for tallow skincare (and I've tried many). They have tallow lotion, chapstick, oil cleansers, and more. All very clean, simple, and non-toxic ingredients.

2) Organic Seasonings & Redmond Salt

Redmond real salt is THE best salt! It's all natural and unrefined, sourced from an ancient seabed free of modern pollutants (located in Utah). Not only is it healthier for you, it tastes way better than ultra-processed table salt. They have kosher salt, fine salt, smoked salt, electrolyte mixes, and organic seasonings.

3) Organic Hair Ties & Scrunchies

Every girl is always in need of hair ties and scrunchies! These Kooshoo hair ties are seriously amazing—I have very thick hair and haven't broken one yet. Not only are they organic & plastic-free, but they're made to last.

4) Non-toxic Soap

Most modern soaps are filled with harmful chemicals and unneccesary ingredients. Non-toxic soaps are a great consumable gift. Of course, handmade is great, but these are some excellent brands to support if you don't have the time:

Gift for $25-$100

1) Beef Snacks

We've tried just about every brand of beef sticks with clean ingredients, and Paleovalley is by far the best. You'll be hooked! Their beef is 100% grass-fed sourced from family farms. They are gluten free, dairy free, soy free, and refined sugar free! This is such a nice consumable gift.

2) Clean Protein Powder

Equip Foods is the best quality protein powder we've found. The unflavored version only has one ingredient: grass-fed beef. They also have several flavored varities sweetened with stevia. Of course, getting protein in from home-cooked meals is going to be best. But this is a good option for those looking for a quick, convient way to get in high quality protein.

3) Organic & Natural Fabric Clothing

Most modern clothing is made entirely out of plastic. This isn't good for our health or the environment. Of course, we don't have to be perfect with this. But if your loved one is in need of some new clothes, buying them some natural fabric clothing would make for a wonderful gift!

These are my favorite clothing brands:

4) Organ Supplements

Organs are some of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet. Nowadays, most people don't like the taste of organs like lliver or kidney. It's always best to get those nutrients in from homecooked meals, but taking a whole food supplement is a great option as well! That way you don't have to stomach the taste. Many of our family members have seen significant benefits from using organ supplements.

You can't go wrong with these organ supplement brands:

Gift Ideas: $100-$200

1) Stainless Steel Dehydrator

This is the perfect gift for any meat lover! We make homemade beef jerky and meat chips with this Cosori stainless steel dehydrator every month, and it works like a charm.

2) Dutch Oven (Enamel-Cast Iron)

These dutch ovens are a staple in our kitchen. We use them for slow cooked meats, bone broth, rendering tallow, baking bread, and more. Once you make the switch, there's no going back to the old crockpot.

We have both the "Dutchess" (6.75 quart) and "Baby Dutch" (3.5 quart) sizes and use them both very often.

3) Glass Air Fryer

Most air fryers are made with teflan, which leaches toxins into food. I searched high and low for a good non-toxic airfryer, and Fritaire has worked the best for us so far! We don't have a microwave, and I often use it for cooking and re-heating meals.

4) Blue Light Blocking Glasses

My RA Optics sunset blue light blockers are my one biohacking tool I really wouldn't want to live without. They have made such a difference in my sleep and circadian rhythm.

Unfortunately, most cheaper blue light glasses hardly block out any blue light. I like RA Optics because their sunset glasses block out 100% of blue/artifical light, and their daytime glasses block out 95%.

**Viva Rays is a great option for blue light glasses as well. Use the code RACH for a discount!

4) Grounding Shoes

My favorite grounding shoes are from Groundz shoes, as they are made with natural materials (leather). They have a copper rivet for conductivity. Very cute and so comfortable!

5) Grounding Sheets

Grounding sheets are another great way to get extra grounding time in. Not necessary, but nice to have if its within your budget. I have a full blog post on our experience with grounding sheets here.

6) Pasture-Raised Meats

Who wouldn't love the gift of pasture-raised meat for Christmas? They are delicious, nourishing, and non-clutter. These are my favorite regenerative farms to source meats from:

Gift Ideas: $200+

1) Pranamat

The pranamat is the perfect gift for anyone who has a back. It's an acupressure massage set that helps with back pain, neck pain, sleep, energy, and nervous system regulation. We use ours almost every day and its been well worth it!

2) Brain Retraining Program

A brain retraining program would be a perfect gift for someone struggling with chronic illness or anxiety. It quite literally was the best money I've spent on my health. I started my brain retraining and nervous system healing journey with the DNRS program.

3) Air Filter

An air filter would be a great gift for a loved one! We just recently got the Air Doctor, and are really excited to try it out (we've heard great things about it).

Hopefully this gift guide makes your holiday season a bit less stressful! Merry Christmas, my friends! Thank you so much for visiting and supporting my blog.

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